Flood Laundry Drop Off Info and call for help!

posted over 2 years ago by Rebeccaw from Neosho/Newton County Flood Recovery Info Labels: laundry
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Flood Survivors- If you need laundry done please seal it in a plastic bag or tote. Clearly label it with your name and contact information and take it to The First Christian church 1314 Oak Ridge Drive today and tomorrow from 9-12 and Friday from 9-Noon. If you have small bedding items please label them “bedding”. Your laundry will be done by area volunteers and returned to the church for pick up. As this will be a volunteer effort we can’t guarantee how quickly your laundry might be ready nor can we take responsibility for your belongings. Your community wants to help…bring us your laundry! From Chett Daniel-

Last night, I visited with several families that are spending a small fortune trying to clean their clothes and the clothes of their children in laundromats. One dad said they spent over $50 in the past two days trying to clean their clothes and a few minutes later he was telling me they were struggling to come up with money to pay a deposit to find a new home to rent while the house he and his family had lived in was gutted to prevent mold damage. As those affected by the flood pick up the pieces, mop up the mess, and rebuild their future, they should be able to do it with a clean, fresh shirt on their back. Thank you for considering how you can help "We need volunteers from churches or civic organizations in the area (that could include my friends from Wheaton, Ridgley, and Joplin as well) to help with laundry. I know churches in the area have stepped up in a big way and I hate to ask any more of you. This would just be a weeklong commitment. If you would like to help organize an effort within your church/ organization to take care of a family’s laundry need for one week, please volunteer at


  • I'd like to help with some laundry. Do I just come by tomorrow?

    AngieCrawford "(over 2 years ago)"
  • I am available to help with washing /drying clothes for those affected. How do I go about this?

    2017Momma "(over 2 years ago)"
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